Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

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Scaling is the complete removal of all deposits of plaque and tartar on teeth. Root planing is the process through which the root surface is rendered smooth and free of any irregularities, which could retain more plaque. Both are performed in conjunction and typically under local anesthesia. One of our highly skilled dental hygienists will typically perform this procedure and it is a crucial part of non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease as well as long-term maintenance. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed in conjunction with scaling and root planing depending on the severity of the case and each patient’s individual needs.

cosmetic periodontal surgery


Types of Periodontal Cosmetics


    • Gum grafting
    • Receding gum correction 
    • Allograft
    • Masking recession on crown margins
    • Soft tissue grafts.
    • Gingival grafting
    • Oral cosmetic plastic surgery


Dr. Leja

Dr. Leja is proud to carry on the periodontics practice of Drs. Terry and Michael Comar. Comar and Comar is now Kalamazoo Periodontics. Dr. Christopher Leja combines years of training and experience with a passion for delivering the highest quality clinical results.

Our Services

Kalamazoo Periodontics is a specialty dental office focusing on gums and supporting structures around the teeth. Providing an array of services in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and the placement of dental implants.

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Our Kalamazoo Periodontics office is conveniently located in the southwest region of Kalamazoo, and easy to access via US 131 and I94.