Canine Exposure

Exposing Your Teeth Correctly

Canine impaction is a dental problem very often encountered in orthodontic practice. After the third molar, the canine is the most frequently impacted tooth. Bringing the impacted canine into a normal position is important for function, bite balance, and final esthetics of the orthodontic treatment.

Your orthodontist may have already placed the braces to align your child’s teeth. During this process, adequate space is created to accommodate eventual eruption of the canines into their proper position.

Dr. Leja will expose the impacted canine and place a bracket which has a short chain attached to it. This small chain (gold in color) is tied to the braces to allow easy access for the orthodontist. If the primary (baby) canine is present, it is extracted at the same time.

Your ortho can begin the canine eruption one to two weeks after exposure. Elastic bands are placed on the chain that activate the eruption process. These bands are changed regularly until the canine has emerged through the gum tissue. It is then aligned with the rest of the teeth.

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Types of Periodontal Treatments


    • Professional dental cleaning.
    • Scaling and root planing.
    • Flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery.
    • Bone grafts. 
    • Soft tissue grafts.
    • Guided tissue regeneration.
    • Bone surgery.


Dr. Leja

Dr. Leja is proud to carry on the periodontics practice of Drs. Terry and Michael Comar. Comar and Comar is now Kalamazoo Periodontics. Dr. Christopher Leja combines years of training and experience with a passion for delivering the highest quality clinical results.

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